Boil a wooden spoon to clean it – TikTok

So like other fads going around we decided to see what happens when we take a pot of boiling water and put not one not two but three wooden spoons in a large pot of boiling water.

In the below YouTube video we will show you exactly how we did it and what the results were … you might be shocked by it that is for sure!

How to clean a wooden spoon by boiling it

Here are the written instructions on how to boil and clean your wooden spoons

  1. Get a large pot
  2. Fill over half full in pot (Making sure to be able to cover the spoon face)
  3. Turn the burner on high
  4. Wait until the water starts to boil
  5. Put spoon in (We used another spoon to keep it down)
  6. Wait at least 5 dollars
  7. Take out and turn off burner
  8. Look at your water?

So once you do this what do you think? Where you shocked by the results or where you not at all?

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