Cinnamon Rolls so easy in your Instant Pot

Mornings are just perfect for yummy breakfast foods and below we are going to teach you how to make cinnamon rolls in your Instant Pot.

What you will need before you start

Instructions on how to make cinnamon rolls in your Instant Pot

  1. Take your spring pan and spray it with your cooking spray
  2. Unpack your cinnamon rolls from the tube
  3. Place the cinnamon rolls in the spring pan
  4. Take a paper towel and place it over the top of the cinnamon rolls
  5. Cover the top of the spring pan with tin foil
  6. Put 1 cup of water in your instant pot
  7. Put your trivet in your instant pot with the handles up
  8. Put spring pan on top of the trivet
  9. Close your instant pot and set it to sealing
  10. Set the instant pot to pressure on high
  11. Set the time for 10 minuets
  12. Do a quick release once time is up
  13. Carefully take the spring pan out
  14. Let pan set for a minute or two
  15. Take tin foil off carefully
  16. Plate the cinnamon rolls and put icing on
  17. ENJOY!

Watch the video on how to make cinnamon rolls in your Instant Pot by clicking the image below now!

How to make cinnamon rolls in your Instant Pot

How did they come out?

Well let us tell you THEY CAME OUT GREAT! They come out moist but not doughie so they are perfect. Who would have thought that the pot you can make a chuck roastOpens in a new tab. in can also make your cinnamon on rolls in. Thank you for supporting #chuckitinthepot !

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