How to clean your Instant Pot once you burn food in your stainless steel inner pot.

Have you ever made something and you let it cook just a little too long or didn’t grease the pan or pot? We recently did this when we were making scrambled eggs in our Instant Pot and it left a brown crusty mess on the bottom of our stainless steel insert. Of course we left it sit until after dinner so it baked on even more.

So what did we do?

Well like most we tried to take our trusty wood spoon and push and scrape some of it off right when we got done eating. How do you think that went?

After a few choice words you guessed it didn’t go well at all.

Next, we took the insert out and headed over to the sink and scrubbed the heck out it with no luck. Time for a new sponge!

So we thought why would this be any different from when we would burn something in a normal pot?

How to easily clean your Instant Pot video.

In the youtube video above we show you how to take water and baking soda and just like that the brown crust on the bottom was no more. Like some of those commercials says “it’s just that easy”.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Put 4-5 cups of water in your instant pot
  2. Pour about 1/4 of the box of Baking SodaOpens in a new tab. in as well
  3. Stir it up
  4. Set your Instant Pot to Non-Venting
  5. Hit the pressure cook button
  6. Set the time for 4 minutes
  7. Let it naturally release
  8. Take insert out
  9. Clean with water and sponge if necessary

What every you do don’t do this.

Don’t give up and throw your insert out! We read on a forum that someone did this and then tried to use the #InstantPot without the insert and wrecked it! So please don’t give up it might take another cook and scrub but we here at Chuck in the Pot know you can get your insert clean!

Thank you for reading the blog post “Clean your stainless steel Instant POT INSERT” please check back soon and don’t forget to Chuck it in the Pot.

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