Instant Pot Baking Accessory Set

Like most people we all want more. We want items to make the process quicker or extends the life of the product. Well this Instant Pot Baking Accessory Set just does that. This set allows you to extend the reach of cooking in your #instantpot .

So what do you get in the Baking Accessory SetOpens in a new tab.

  • nonstick springform pan
  • nonstick fluted cake pan (bundt cake pan)
  • silicone egg bites with lid

What does it mean nonstick pan?

The springform pan and fluted cake pan (bundt cake pan) are nonstick for a easy release of your heavenly baked good. We still perfect to use some nonstick spray to add to the nonstick properties of each of these pans. We have read that the fluted bundt cake pan and also be used in in a traditional ovens however we have only used our in our Instant Pot so be cautious if you try this method. The silicone egg tray could also be considered non stick as you can easily push them out due to their flexibility.

The unboxing of the instant pot baking accessory set video:

First look at the Instant pot baking accessory set

So what can you make with these baking accessoriesOpens in a new tab.?

With the spring pan it seems like the top thing to make with that is cheesecake. However, here are some other things you can make in the spring pan:

  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Lasagna
  • Brownies
  • Egg Casserole
  • Corn bread
How to make Cinnamon Rolls in your Instant Pot

With the bundt pan we have heard people making corn bread, banana bread, meatloaf and other yummies.

Finally, the egg bites are pretty much endless as you can put anything and everything in your egg bits. Their are tones of recipes out however most people know what they like in there eggs and the egg bite try makes it that much easier.

How to make egg bites in your Instant Pot

So don’t forget to Chuck it in the Pot Opens in a new tab.whether you are using the spring pan, fluted pan or the egg bite form!

Chuck it in the Pot

Chuck it in the Pot has years behind them cooking with slow cookers and taking there experience and passion for food into the Instant Pot world. We plan to explore and bring all of the yummy dishes you can make in the Instant Pot along with all the tips and trips to make life event easier!

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