Instant Pot Quick Release, Instant Pot Natural Release what is?

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When you first get your instant pot there are so many things to figure out and understand during your unboxing and starting out. Then you take it to the next step and venture out to the forums such as on FacebookOpens in a new tab. and then you start seeing all these recipes flying by. Within these recipes you will see phrases such as QR, NR and IP.

AbreviationInstant Pot Knob Position and UseMost Common
QRThe Instant Pot QR or quick release is an abbreviation or term that you will see in the majority of recipes you will find online or in cookbooks. This simply means that once the Pot has done with its cooking cycle then you will move the know from sealing to venting. It is very important to make sure you keeps your hands, face or anything that might get harmed by steam.Y
NRThe Instant Pot NR or natural release is when your cooking cycle is done and you just let the Instant Pot sit and do nothing. The steam will slowly naturally release inside the Instant Pot. This is not as common as the Instant Pot Quick Release however you might find a combination of the two where it says something like NR for 15 then do a QR.N
Instant Pot Quick Release and Natural Release Explanations

IP – Instant Pot

For a more in depth look at what and Instant Pot Quick Release or an Instant Pot Natural Release is please click the video below and we will show you step by step what each is and does.

Click here to watch this instant pot video if you are new to the #instantpot world

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