Instant Pot Water Catcher | Instant Pot Condensation Collector

All of the Instant Pot pressure cookers come with a water catcher or condensation collector. This is something that can be overlooked when you unpack your new Instant Pot. It is a little clear plastic rectangle that clicks into the backside of your new instant pot.

Where does the Instant Pot Condensation Collector or Water Catcher go on your Instant Pot?

The Instant pot Condensation Collector or water catcher will click into the the back right side of the Instant pot.

What is the purpose of the Condensation Collector or Water Catcher for the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker?

This is to help catch condensation when you take the lid off your Instant Pot and condensation drips from your lid onto the Instant pot outer rim.

Can you use your Instant pot if you lost or forgot to put on your Condensation Collector?

Yes, you can. The Instant Pot will operate without the condensation collector or water catcher.

What is the clear thing on the back of my Instant pot?

This is the condensation collector or water collector.

Do all Instant Pot’s have a Condensation Collector?

The majority of the Instant Pots do have a condensation collector or water collector however some of the newer models do not seem to have this option.

If I broke or lost my condensation collector do they sell replacement ones for the Instant Pot?

Yes, they do you can find options here at this link (click here to viewOpens in a new tab.)

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