Learn how to re-crisp chicken skin in your Instant Pot Air Fryer

Have you ever bough a rotisserie chicken at the store and something happened and you couldn’t eat it that day? The next day you take it out and look at it and though ahhhhh the skin is soggy and nasty UGH!!! Well if you have an air fryer you have an amazing opportunity to bring the crunchy skin back.

Watch the video below on how to make Crunchy Chicken with your Air Fryer!

Click the image above to watch how to make crunchy skin in your air fryer!!!

What is the trick to making the skin crunchy?

Well that is going to be super simple you want to make sure to spray all the skin with spray olive oil! Yup that is it oh and you want make sure you crank up the head but its simple as that.

So thank you for watching the video on how to make crunchy chuck skin with your air fryer and don’t forget to check out other Instant Pot Air Fryer videos here!

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