Make Ravioli in the Instant Pot

Once you get used to your Instant Pot and how it works your world will open up to the various ways and foods you can make in it. This is a must have for any busy household. Finding shortcuts will only love your instant pot even more.

Today we are going to first provide you with a video of how to cook frozen yes frozen ravioli right in your instant pot. This is a no fuss no muss type of recipe that even a noobie instant potter can do!

Instant Pot Frozen Ravioli

What you will need:

  • Instant pot
  • Jar of spaghetti sauce
  • frozen ravioli
  • water

Instructions on how to cook frozen ravioli in your Instant Pot

Step 1: Put the frozen ravioli in your #instantpot
Step2: Put sauce in covering the frozen favioli
Step3: Put water into the pot making sure to cover all of the frozen ravoli
Step4: Stir it briefly to distribute the sauce throughout
Step5: Hit the pressure cook button and make sure its on low
Step6: Set time for 3 minutes
Step7: Make sure it is set to sealing
Step8: Do a quick release once time is up. You may need to turn the release on and off as it may splatter a bit with the sauce.
Step9: Scoop out the ravioli carefully
step10: Add more sauce as needed.

Before you eat

  • Make sure they cool down some
  • Some like to put parmigiana cheese over the top

We hope that you enjoy making something new in your Instant Pot. Remember, the opportunities are endless you just have to try different things out and always remember to Chuck it in the pot!

Chuck it in the Pot

Chuck it in the Pot has years behind them cooking with slow cookers and taking there experience and passion for food into the Instant Pot world. We plan to explore and bring all of the yummy dishes you can make in the Instant Pot along with all the tips and trips to make life event easier!

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