Candy Corn Sugar Cookies for Halloween

Preparation Time: 25 minutesCooking Time: 15 minutes

You will start by getting all of your ingredients out and together. You will mix your butter and sugar first and then mix in your dry ingredients. Then you will take the dough and create 1 inch dollops on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Finally, when you take them out you will gently push the candy corn into the top of the cookies and let cool before eating these yummy cookies.

Sometimes you need a fun little treat that doesn’t take forever to make and this candy corn sugar cookie is perfect for that extra Halloween treat!

For those that prefer to watch and learn how to make this awesome sugar cookies click the video below:

Halloween candy corn sugar cookies

If we had to rate this recipe we would have to say that it is on the easy side of cookie making. You should not be worried as there is nothing complicated or tricky you just have to have all of the ingredients. So look at the list below and get everything ready before you start , then follow the step by step guide at the bottom of the page and your all set!

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