The first thing to do when you get an Instant Pot is the water test

So you just got your instant pot and you are excited! The first thing to do when you get an Instant Pot is the water test. We know you can’t wait to break into it but the water test will do a few things:

1. The first thing the Instant Pot Water Test does is make sure your new kitchen appliance works as it should.
2. The second thing the Instant Pot Water Test does is get you used to how your new IP works. We know its doesn’t seem overly complicated however if you somehow screw up the water test you didn’t waste anything just a little water and time.
3. The third thing the Instant Pot Water Test does is allows you to experience a quick release. Please please please make sure to keep your hands, face, little ones or anything else that might be harmed by steam far away.

We are assuming that you already took your new Instant Pot out of the box, unwrapped everything, tossed the manuals aside (even those we always recommend you read them), washed the inner pot and have the sealing ring installed on your lid.

STOP and make sure it works properly first with the water test.

So you ask what the heck is the water test? It is as simple as it sounds you basically will put water in your instant pot, properly seal the lid, set the knob to seal, hit the manual button, wait for it to pressurize it and then do a quick release to vent the steam out so you can then open the lid back up. Sounds complicated but its really not and this process you will do over and over with your Instant Pot especially if you plan on steaming various foods in your Instant Pot.

Instructions on how to do a water test with your new Instant Pot.

Below you will find a step by step video on how to do the water test in your new Instant Pot. You will only need two things for the instant pot water test:

Water test with your Instant Pot

Next, you will select the “Steam” button the front of your Instant Pot and then set it for two minutes and make sure to set it to “sealed” as well. Once it has beeped you can then do a quick release, please keep your arms, face, little ones away as steam is very hot and finally once the button goes down you then can spin the lid to the left and slowly lift the lid on your instant pot.

Now that you have done the water test you can continue you on your journey into the #instantpot world.

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