Make a pie with a can of Sprite

How to make a Sprite Pie

Looking for various things to make that won’t hurt the wallet is something we do daily. We stumbled up some Depression Era cooking and deserts and we found a water pie as well as an adaptation to that in a Sprite Pie.

First let’s cover what a water pie actually is?

From what we have gathered from what little there is online it is a simple pie that was made from simple ingredients that actually does have water in it. It is our opinion it would have be a cheap way to use little ingredients to bring a desert to the dinner table when money was sparse.

How to make the Sprite Pie

In the video below you will learn step by step how to make the Sprite Pie which is similar to the water pie that helped those in the depression era enjoy a desert.

Learn how to make a Sprite Pie similar to the water pie

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