What’s So Special About Instant Pot and Why You Need One Right Now!

What’s So Special About Instant Pot and Why You Need One Right Now!

The Instant Pot has seemingly taken kitchens everywhere by storm. As you prepare your meals in your slow cooker though, you might wonder what’s the big difference. What’s so special about the Instant Pot anyway?

In the most basic of explanations, it’s safe, fast, and easy to clean. But that likely isn’t getting you to shout, “Take my money!” and chuck it in your cart. Here are 5 compelling reasons why the Instant Pot will change the way you cook for the better forever and why you’ve got to get one in your kitchen now!

1. It’s WAY more than a pressure cooker

If you have a stove top pressure cookerOpens in a new tab. and a slow cooker or crock potOpens in a new tab., prepare to declutter your kitchen with one kitchen gadget that will do it all. The Instant Pot is a true multi-tasker in that you can sear, brown, and sauté your food just like in a skillet. You can steam fish, vegetables and eggs. You can make rice, bake bread, and even use it just like a slow cooker. Basically, you can make just about everything in it, including yogurt and wine!

2. You can cook a whole chicken in less than an hour

Want to make a chicken dinner on a weeknight? With your slow cooker, you’d have to get it going before you leave for work. But with the Instant Pot, you can cook a whole chicken in less than one hour. The same goes for things like chuck roast (Click to see howOpens in a new tab.), pot roast, ribs, brisket, or pork shoulder. Even white rice (Click to see howOpens in a new tab.), stews, beans, or grains . 

Most of these things require loads of simmering time or all day long in your slow cooker. The Instant Pot speeds up the process times 3. Instead of waiting for baked potatoes (Click to see howOpens in a new tab.) to go with your steak or struggling to make the perfect hardboiled eggs, this must-have kitchen tool does it all and extra fast too!

3. It takes food from frozen to delicious

What good is all that meal prep when you forget to take it out of your freezer? If you had an Instant Pot, it wouldn’t matter. You can take your frozen meals and drop them in. They’ll take a little longer to cook than the fresh version, likely around 20 minutes depending on the meal. From frozen to your table in less than 30 minutes is amazing though.

Pro tip: freeze prepped meals in round rubbermaid containersOpens in a new tab. so they fit!

4. The Instant Pot is very safe

Let’s be honest here…manual pressure cookers are a bit intimidating. There are plenty of ways to injure yourself on one of those. The Instant Pot is electronic and has a variety of sensors to help it regulate to the correct pressure and temperature. When you use it as intended, you’ll have a safer cooking experience.

5. Cleanup is easy

With dishwasher-safe parts and an easy-to-clean pot, cleanup from dinnertime in the Instant Pot is a piece of cake!

How to clean your Instant Pot

How to choose which instant pot to buy?

The Instant Pot comes in three size the 3 , 6 and 8 quart sizes. The rough estimate is that the 3 quart is ideal for 2-3 people, the 6 quart is ideal for 4-6 people and the 8 quart is ideal for 6+ people.

No matter what you want to make or how you want to make it, your Instant Pot can help with that. Plus, there are tons of recipes that will help you take control in your kitchen. Not sure how to use it? Check out Chuck in the Pot’s YouTube channel Opens in a new tab.to get recipes with expert tips and tricks!

Chuck it in the Pot

Chuck it in the Pot has years behind them cooking with slow cookers and taking there experience and passion for food into the Instant Pot world. We plan to explore and bring all of the yummy dishes you can make in the Instant Pot along with all the tips and trips to make life event easier!

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